Call for participation: Membership & Fees Committee

Crossref was founded to enable collaboration between publishers.  As our membership has grown and diversified over recent years, it’s becoming even more vital that we take input from a representative cross-section of the membership. This is especially important when considering how fees and policies will affect our diverse members in different ways.

About the M&F Committee

The Membership & Fees Committee (M&F Committee) was established in 2001 and plays an important role in Crossref’s governance.  Made up of 10-12 organizations of both board members and regular members, the group makes recommendations to the board about fees and policies for all of our services. They regularly review existing fees to discuss if any changes are needed. They also review new services while they are being developed, to assess if fees should be charged and if so, what those fees should be. For example, the committee recently made recommendations to the board about the fees for a new service called Event Data that we’ll launch soon, and the deposit fees for preprints – our newest content type.  In addition, the board can also ask the committee to address specific issues about policies and services. Increasingly, the committee works with the outreach team to include research and survey insights.

About committee participation

The M&F Committee meets via one-hour conference calls about six times a year, although this can vary depending on what issues the committee is considering. Often proposals are developed by staff and then reviewed and discussed by the committee – so there is reading to do in preparation for the calls.Join a Crossref committee

This is very important work and in order to ensure that the committee is broadly representative of Crossref’s diverse membership we are seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to serve on the M&F Committee for 2017. Appointments are for one year and members can serve multiple terms.

About you

In view of our commitment to be representative of the membership we are refreshing the committee and want to have engaged and interested people from a diverse set of members join.

If you are interested in joining the committee and helping Crossref fulfil its mission please email with your name, title, organization and a short statement about why you want to serve on the committee by December 19th, 2016.      

Scott Delman, Director of Group Publishing, ACM is the current Chair of the committee and will review the expressions of interest with me, Ed Pentz, Executive Director, to form the committee.

Thanks for your interest.

One member, one vote: Crossref Board Election opens today, September 30th

Watch for two important emails on September 30th – one with a voting link and material, and one with your username and password.

Running Crossref well is a key part of our mission. It’s important that we be as neutral and fair as possible, and we are always striving for that balance. One of our stated principles is “One member, one vote”. And each year we encourage each of our members–standing at over 6000 today–to participate in the election of new board members.

It is hard to believe that November 2nd will be Crossref’s 17th annual meeting and our 16th annual Board of Directors election. How time flies, and oh, how we have grown!

Crossref's Truths, taken from our forthcoming new website.
Crossref’s Truths, taken from our forthcoming new website.

I am hoping that we can rally the membership to participate in this important process!

Candidates will be elected at Crossref LIVE16 for three-year terms to fill five of the 16 Board seats whose terms expire this year.  The slate of candidates was recommended by the Nominating Committee, which consisted of three Board members not up for re-election, and two Crossref members that are not on the Board.

This year, Jasper Simons, APA; Paul Peters, Hindawi; Jason Wilde, AIP; Chris Fell, Cambridge University Press; and Rebecca Lawrence, f1000 served on the Nominating Committee.  The Committee met to discuss the process, criteria, and potential candidates, and put forward a slate which was required to be at least equal to the number of Board seats up for election. The slate may or may not consist of Board members up for re-election.

Crossref members are welcome to run as independent candidates, as long as they have ten member endorsements sent to with the intent to run. We sent a notification of the process in advance (this year on August 26th), so any nominations could be included in the voting materials that will be sent via email on September 30th.

You can access online voting from today at:

+ Watch your inbox today for emails with your username and password!

The membership boom & why metadata isn’t like beer

You might recognize my name if you’ve ever applied for Crossref membership on behalf of your organization. It recently occurred to me that, since I’ve been working in our membership department for eight years, I’ve been a part of shepherding new members for half of our history. And my, how we’ve grown.

Membership growth by country

Though it may be easy to see our membership growth by looking at the numbers, I think it’s interesting to consider where we’ve grown.  The top ten member countries have dramatically changed since Crossref began sixteen years ago.  At the end of our first year of operations, our membership included 54 publishers and affiliated organizations.  The majority were from the US and the UK, with a small number from Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan.

In 2012, participation in our sponsoring organizations program began to increase. Sponsors are affiliated organizations that act on behalf of smaller publishers and societies who wish to register their content with Crossref.  Several organizations from Turkey and South Korea were among the first sponsors to join and were very successful in representing a large number of publishers and societies from their regions. Soon to follow were sponsors from India, Ukraine, Russia and Brazil. In 2014, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) became a sponsoring affiliate, focusing on smaller publishers with the aim of increasing the quality and global reach of scholarly publishing.  With the introduction of our sponsor program, the past few years have seen a steady increase in the geographical diversity of our members.  

There are 194 countries in the world.  It’s pretty amazing that organizations in 112 of the world’s countries are now represented in our membership. Do I think we’ll see members joining from the other 82 nations? I don’t know but I hope so.

A look at our trending nations chart shows the diversity of our membership as we’ve grown, depicting the countries that produced the most new members over the last two years.  There has been tremendous growth from South Korea! What I find just as interesting is that we have new members from so many different nations that they form their own special bloc, shown here as “Other.” 

Our growth has taken place at a remarkable rate.  When I joined Crossref in 2008, we had over 1800 publishers and affiliates and we were adding about 300 new members per year.  In 2015, nearly 1500 members joined and we are seeing even larger numbers so far in 2016.  Counting all publishers, affiliates, libraries, sponsoring organizations and represented members, our new member total through the end of August is nearly 1200 and will most certainly overtake the 2015 figure.  

Member perceptions

With such a range of new members each month it’s even more important that we help people understand the benefits of joining Crossref.  That it’s not just registering metadata and DOIs but maintaining and improving records over time, and participating in reference linking.  We are adding and improving some educational tools that will help everyone understand how our services can enhance the discoverability of content, and why sharing richer metadata supports their full participation in the scholarly community.  We are in the process of developing a new, cleaner website with videos that better explain our services–to be released in the next few weeks,–a new onboarding experience, and new and improved query and deposit tools. 

Connected metadata isn’t like beer 

Sometimes inviting more people to a party means there is less beer to go around.  Fortunately for everyone, metadata isn’t like beer. In fact, the more metadata you draw from the tap, the more useful it becomes.  So inviting new members to join Crossref makes our community better and more valuable for everyone.  Every member uses that metadata to link their content to every other member’s content.  This makes all members’ content easier to find, link, and cite, not just at the moment it is published, but over time.   

Members from around the globe join Crossref everyday and help guide our growing community.  If you are interested in joining please contact me at

2016 upcoming events – we’re out and about!

Check out the events below where Crossref will attend or present in 2016. We have been busy over the past few months, and we have more planned for the rest of year. If we will be at a place near you, please come see us (and support these organizations and events)!

Upcoming Events
SHARE Community Meeting, July 11-14, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Crossref Outreach Day – July 19-21 – Seoul, South Korea
CASE 2016 Conference – July 20-22 – Seoul, South Korea
ACSE Annual Meeting 2016 – August 10-11 – Dubai, UAE
Vivo 2016 Conference – August 17-19 – Denver CO, USA
SciDataCon – September 11-17 – Denver CO, USA
ALPSP – September 14-16 – London, UK
OASPA – September 21-22 – Arlington VA, USA
3:AM Conference – September 26 – 28 – Bucharest, Romania
ORCID Outreach Conference – October 5-6 – Washington DC, USA
Frankfurt Book Fair – October 19-23 – Frankfurt, Germany (Hall 4.2, Stand #4.2 M 85)
**Crossref Annual Community Meeting #Crossref16 – November 1-2 – London, UK**
PIDapalooza – November 9-10 – Reykjavik, Iceland
OpenCon 2016 – November 12-14 – Washington DC, USA
STM Digital Publishing Conference – December 6-8 – London, UK

The Crossref outreach team will host a number of outreach events around the globe. Updates about events are shared through social media so please connect with us via @CrossrefOrg.

Members will soon be able to assign Crossref DOIs to preprints


By August 2016, Crossref will enable its members to assign Crossref DOIs to preprints. Preprint DOIs will be assigned by the Crossref member responsible for the preprint and that DOI will be different from the DOI assigned by the publisher to the accepted manuscript and version of record. Crossref’s display guidelines, tools and APIs will be modified in order to enable researchers to easily identify and link to the best available version of a document (BAV). We are doing this in order to support the changing publishing models of our members and in order to clarify the scholarly citation record.


Why is this news? Well, to understand that you need to know a little Crossref history.

(cue music and fade to sepia)  Continue reading “Members will soon be able to assign Crossref DOIs to preprints”

What are there 80 million of?

As of this week, there are 80,000,000 scholarly items registered with Crossref!

By the way, we update these interesting Crossref stats regularly and you can search the metadata.

The 80 millionth scholarly item is [drumroll…] Management Approaches in Beihagi History from the journal Oman Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, published by Al Manhal in the United Arab Emirates. Continue reading “What are there 80 million of?”

Watch Speaker Videos from the 2015 Annual Meeting

You might have missed it, but you haven’t missed out.  If you want to watch – or savor re-watching – the presentations from last week’s 2015 Crossref Annual Meeting, we’ve embedded each video below in chronological order. Sit back, relax, and take it all in (again) just as though you were in an air-conditioned ballroom at the Taj. Note: if your organization blocks Wistia videos, please whitelist these domains: * and Continue reading “Watch Speaker Videos from the 2015 Annual Meeting”